Kerry Maegan Hughes


  • Market analysis, regulatory compliance and ethnobotany for international market development
  • Research, development and commercialization of botanicals and supplements for applications in the natural product industries
  • Committed to deepening the relationship between plants and people among industry, academia, indigenous and lay settings.
  • Work with rural peoples and traditional arts & medicine to help better lives, increase income opportunities, and enrich culture
  • Active writer and editor in botanical medicines and sciences for consumer publications, scientific reviews, and industry topics


Kerry Hughes, M.Sc., is an economic botanist that is committed to deepening the relationship between plants and people. She has done this though promoting botanical education, product development, traditional arts & medicine, health writing and agricultural development for the natural products industries. Kerry is the author of the unique and newly released book called The Incense Bible, Haworth Press (April/May 2007) and the founder of, which focuses on raw, natural incense. Kerry is also Co-Author of The Health Professionals Guide to Dietary Supplements, Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins (2006), a peer-reviewed guide to herbs and nutritional supplements, Botanical Medicines: The Desk Reference for Major Herbal Supplements, Haworth Press (2002) an in-depth text-book on the medical aspects of many of our top supplements; and The Natural Dietary Supplement Pocket Reference, INPR. Kerry continues to be R&D Applications Manager and Editor of Prepared Foods/Nutrasolutions Magazines, serves on the Journal Advisory Board for Current Topics in Nutraceutical Research and the Scientific Advisory Board for Essential Living Foods. She is also the project co-ordinator for Projeto Kirimurê , a non-profit project focused on enriching the lives of young Brazilians through capoeira.

EthnoPharm™, Kerry’s product development and consulting company, actively promotes benefit share and community supported relationships as a way to value traditional knowledge, promote biodiversity, and help enrich lives and provide income opportunities to rural people. Kerry focuses on the interface between the private and public sectors in the development of botanicals worldwide. She has worked with natural product companies and agencies throughout the U.S. and in South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Kerry has recently worked for US-AID-sponsored projects to strengthen the natural product sectors of countries in Africa, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Peru, and Madagascar.

The Health Professional's Guide to Dietary Supplements has just been released in late 2006! Preorders are available for The Incense Bible, set to be published late Spring 2007.
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