Product & Market Development
-Product Formulation
-Strategy of bringing new products to market, identification of regulatory and market hurdles.
-Creating, implementing & evaluating strategies that honor company values, mission and vision
-Ethnobotany-led product development & supply development
-Guidance of business strategy and market development
-Identifying gaps, bridging departments & unifying direction in product development, quality & CSR
-Evaluation and implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) & social responsibility goals

         Technical Marketing
-Presentations on ingredient/plant product use & educational program development
-Press releases, sell sheets, monographs, botanical reviews
-Technical, industry and consumer writing
-Cross-market analysis of natural product markets: including Nutraceutical, Dietary Supplement, Food, Cosmetic, Aromatherapy and Natural Handicraft
-Technical marketing, label review, marketing claims development & substantiation
-Regulatory compliance in marketing & development (DSHEA compliance, GRAS notifications, structure/function statements, labeling).
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